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3 in 1 Box Labels

3-in-1 Box Label Feature

SentryStock innovates your labeling process with our incredible 3-in-1 box label feature. This powerful tool combines the item label, FBA box label, and box content 2D barcode into a singular, efficient label. Here's a comprehensive guide on utilizing this streamlined feature:

SentryStock 3-in-1 Box Label

Understanding the 3-in-1 Box Label

Typically, preparing boxes involves printing an item label for each item in a box and a separate box label, which includes the FBA box label and the box content 2D barcode. The 3-in-1 box label revolutionizes this by compactly integrating these three essential features into one label.

Why Choose the 3-in-1 Box Label?

The elegance of the 3-in-1 box label lies in its simplicity and efficiency. Consider an item like a computer monitor, shipped in its manufacturer’s box. Instead of having multiple labels, the 3-in-1 label allows you to reuse the box and consolidate the necessary labeling into one coherent label. This harmonized approach streamlines the labeling process, enhancing operational efficiency.

Creating a 3-in-1 Label: A Step-by-Step Guide

Toggling the Option: While saving box configurations, users will find an option to enable the 3-in-1 label feature. Toggle this option to activate it.

3-in-1 Box Label Toggle Option

Single Quantity Constraint: Remember, the 3-in-1 label feature is designed for boxes containing a single item. Ensure that each box configured with this option only contains one quantity of an item.

Key Points to Remember

- The 3-in-1 label is ideal for items shipped in their original manufacturer's packaging, helping you reduce waste and enhance efficiency.
- This feature is designed for simplicity, combining multiple labeling processes into a streamlined, single-label approach.

Updated on: 25/10/2023

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